Who would have thought that a simple, wooden clothes peg would have the power to revolutionise the way we interact with each other,

develop our social skills and break down barriers between generations? Thanks to Pegonu, now it can.


Pegonu is an innovative, quirky new trend to get us off our sofas and performing random acts of kindness in our local community.


Based on a pay-it-forward idea, every Pegonu wooden clothes peg comes with it’s own unique number etched on to it,

alongside the website of the same name.


Once you’ve collected your free Pegonu wooden clothes peg from one of the local, independent traders’ listed on the website,

you’ll be ready to trigger your stream of good deeds.


Tell us about your good deed on the website and pass your peg on anonymously,

either to a friend or leave it in a public place for someone else to find.


Through it’s unique number, track your Pegonu peg as it travels, inspiring other people to perform their own random act of kindness.


It’s true of course, that you don’t need a clothes peg to do something nice for someone else:  it’s the act of using a Pegonu wooden

clothes peg that instigates or provides the challenge and becomes the tangible link between you, your good deed and your website



Carry a Pegonu peg in your pocket when you’re out and about as a reminder to do a good deed.  With no electronic parts to fail,

your Pegonu peg is an everyday item that will combine positive, social action in the community with virtual inter-action on-line.